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Recruitment Progress

Based on the relevant situation and our client’s wishes, the specific recruitment progress is executed either through an open and visible process or an anonymised or hidden process.

An optimal CV

Your CV is a documentation of your past and not necessarily a “sales brochure” of your skills and expectations for the future. A CV is your main business card. The front page of any CV should be a summary – making it easy for us and the company to achieve an overall impression of you as a private individual and as a business person.

We recommend the following for an optimal CV:

Page one:

  • Lifelike photo
  • Personal information (home, family, age, contact information)

  • Significant business/professional skills (your business DNA)

  • Significant personal qualities – making you “one of a kind”

  • With which values can you contribute? (can also be pointed out in a motivated application)
  • Your career in months/years – title and activity
  • Important/significant education (not courses)

Page two:

  • A detailed description of your responsibility and your achievements in the respective positions. Also remember honorary posts, voluntary commitments, recreational interests, special areas of interest.
  • State, if possible, the reason for your change of position in your CV

Your shortcut to a valuable employment

Your CV is your main business card

Unsolicited applications

UnikRecruitment executes open as well as anonymised and hidden recruitment progresses. We have always new, exciting positions in progress. Consequently we invite you to send an unsolicited application to our CV database. You will then be taken into consideration for future relevant vacancies.


We undertake and have undertaken recruitments for the following companies:

Sales Manager (Sweden)

Direktionsassistent – Odense

Filialdirektør – Aarhus Syd – Tranbjerg


Salgsdirektør – København

Generalsekretær – København

E-Commerce Manager – Copenhagen

HR Chef – Løgstør

Finance Manager – København

Kommunikations- og Marketingchef – Hammershøj


Administrerende direktør

Administrerende direktør – Ølgod

Art Director – Aarhus

Økonomichef – Midtjylland


Afdelingsleder – Viborg