Our business is based on years of experience

Confidential and professional partnership

A confidential and professional partnership based on years of experience with a great number of recruitments – at all organisational levels.
A very valuable, personal, business network and relationships with key profiles in leading positions lead the way for a very special contact with attractive candidates, who are often not in an active application process.

A proven setup

A proven “from the outside in” setup, clear agreements on executing specific processes as well as a transparent fee model are important qualities of the cooperation with UnikRecruitment.

Excellent search & selection

Individual focus, passion and drive, combined with commercial and strategic understanding, are decisive for an effective and unique management of excellent search & selection. Among other things, we solve tasks for board of directors and managements of listed companies, businesses with owner-managers and/or private equity funds.

“On board your engine floor”

In the introductory evaluations we contribute with sparring, insight and knowledge. It is an invaluable advantage for the interaction, to be engaged deeply in the very core of business operations. We will so to speak be“on board your engine floor”. With the greatest confidence and discretion, we challenge the decision-makers, in order to ensure the best possible framework for an optimal candidate match – with regard to professionality, personality as well as chemistry with the management. Consequently we wish to cooperate actively to ensure stable and beneficial employments.

”Targeted and focused executive attitude”

Gert Breinholt
Gert BreinholtCEO & Partner
+45 4115 0783
[email protected]

Since January 1, 2010, Gert Breinholt (1958) has had an independent role in forming and developing a professionally run recruitment business.
He has carried out a large number of recruitment processes – primarily at management level. A prior director career from the financial sector and many years of management experience, mature business insight and professional approach to customer- and market challenges has
ensured a strong customer base.

Gert has a broad business network with personal contacts and relationships – from decision makers in both small / medium sized companies to major national / international corporations.

He contributes in confidential and preliminary considerations – with executives and boards – also in situations where it is not currently associated with specific recruitment tasks.

Jan Ehlers Lønstrup
Jan Ehlers Lønstrup Partner
+45 4010 2139
[email protected]

Jan Ehlers Lønstrup (1952) has a significant international experience as CEO in highly branded BtB companies; such as Lindab, Inwido, Hydro Aluminum.
Worked with general management, turn -a- round and revitalization of businesses – including 12 years abroad for international brands in the building materials industry.

Given a profound business insight, industrial experience, combined with a large professional network, has meant that Jan has solved recruitment tasks in recent years for corporations as well as owner managed business.

Jan holds a BA in Economics and has supplemented the considerable practical experience with board governance training and directorships.

Michael Kjærgaard
Michael KjærgaardPartner
+45 2222 4000
[email protected]

Michael Kjærgaard (1962) has achieved significant experience as CEO of both production and trade companies. His CEO positions have included general management, business development, generational transfers and vendor services. Also he has experience from revitalisation and turnaround tasks as well as acquisitions, mergers and divestments of non-core activities. In addition to executive positions in family-owned businesses as well as businesses owned by private equity funds, Michael is an experienced member of the board of various businesses and industries, and his extensive business insight makes him an excellent partner throughout the recruiting process at all levels. Michael holds a MSc. Economics from the University of Aarhus. He enjoys very valuable networks at all organisational levels, including both Danish and international contacts. Michael engages himself in the recruiting process with professionalism, commitment, integrity and confidentiality.

Valuable partner with a
professional setup

Personal trust and respectful dialogue

Together we establish and develop a partnership, based on personal trust, respectful dialogue and TOP professional interaction. With our business experience, we add new and other perspectives to the process. We engage ourselves with inspiration and specific recommendations, but can certainly also take a professional distance to the challenges arising from the specific task – according to the situation. We assist with personal contacts and supplementary skills, when it makes sense. We contribute with high commitment, experiential management, intelligent and curious questions.

  • Partnership based on TOP professional interaction
  • We add new and different perspectives to the job application process
  • Stipulated fee before commissioning
  • The fee is not related to the salary level of the candidate

  • Focus is on the optimal match
  • Warranty for solved task (also if the candidate resigns)

There will never be any extra fees

With a distinct man and brainpower, our work will often lead to results that deviate positively from the original presentation and the original thoughts.

The cooperation agreement presents the agreed course as well as a fixed, total fee, and thus our clients will always be able to recognize the financial limits prior to initiation of the task. Extra fees will never be charged. Consequently we have no financial interests in hiring the candidate who wants the highest remuneration package. We always seek to hire the candidate best suited for solving the relevant task in the most optimal way.

Warranty: We will search for another candidate free of charge for a period of up to 6 months from date of employment, regardless of the employment being terminated by the client or the candidate.

We undertake and have undertaken recruitments for the following companies:

Sales Manager (Sweden)

Direktionsassistent – Odense

Filialdirektør – Aarhus Syd – Tranbjerg


Salgsdirektør – København

Generalsekretær – København

E-Commerce Manager – Copenhagen

HR Chef – Løgstør

Finance Manager – København

Kommunikations- og Marketingchef – Hammershøj


Administrerende direktør

Administrerende direktør – Ølgod

Art Director – Aarhus

Økonomichef – Midtjylland


Afdelingsleder – Viborg