The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) defines and tightens the rules concerning companies’ handling and processing of personal data.

The tightening improves your right to insight in a company’s registration of information on you, and most important how this is handled.

The company must prove ”the necessity of” and ”its basis for” handling the data in question, which also means that the company in most cases must obtain your consent before registration, and at the same time is obliged to delete your data on demand or on expiry of your consent.

The demand of documentation is highly increased as the company must be able to verify and account for the collection, handling, storage, and deleting of personal data – all based on an objective and legitimate purpose.

UnikRecruitment has as data responsible concluded Data Processing Agreements with suppliers of the systems and tools applied in our recruitment processes. UnikRecruitment has reviewed and adjusted own routines and practical conditions in accordance with the current and relevant legislation.

UnikRecruitment’s processing and handling of personal data is documented in ”UnikRecruitment’s Code of Conduct”. On request candidates can get handed over a copy of this Code of Conduct.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CEO & Partner, Gert Breinholt tel: +45 41150783.